1. Botanic Sanitizer & Deodorizer
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    Botanic Sanitizer & Deodorizer

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    Kills 99.99% of germs. A new generation anti-bacterial sanitizer derived from natural and organic ingredients. Biosafe4U can be applied safely on skin & hands without any harmful side effects. Unlike many sanitizer, it is left on the surface and continue to sanitize until the bacterial load exceeds the volume of botanic present. Biosafe4U does not mask odour smell, the deodorizing action neutralizes and remove odour molecules in the air while at the same time killing bacteria causing odour. Our sanitizer does not contain chlorine, sulphur dioxide, benzoates and nitrites. Sanitizer condition the skin and prevent irritation and dryness. It can be used on hands and skin on regular used basis. 100% Natural Non-Toxic. Non - Alcohol Non - Flammability Non irritation to skin, eye, mucous membranes of human & animals. Non Corrosive Last up to 4 hrs Safe To Use, Store and Dispose.