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    "LUMI" Super Light Stainless Steel Vacuum Mug

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    Lumi is a large-capacity, yet very light, vacuum mug made of stainless steel and equipped with practical features. Its minimalist contours show the basic colours of white, black and golden. On top of that, the mugs can be personalised by marketing them with one of seven flexible colour bands. The laser-welded cup shows no visible sign of seams. The double-wall cap allows for safe storage of tablets or vitamin supplements. Superior insulation performance: Insulation effect is above Standards GB9684-2011. Hot drinks can be kept above 60°C and cool drinks can be kept below 10°C. Insulation effect: Room temperature: 20°C, original hot drinks temperature above 95°C, original cold drinks temperature 4°C, kept for 6 hours. Capacity: 480ml .:Video:.